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From The 4 a.m. Breakthrough by Brian Kiteley.

Exercise number: 1, pages 29-30

Write a fragment of narrative in paratactic style. The best known example of parataxis is Julius Caesar's line to the Senate after a battle in what is now Turkey, recorded by Pluatrch as, "I came, I saw, I conquered." This fragment of fiction should concern a grown woman begging her mother not to remarry her father or a series of phone messages a ninteen-year-old man leaves for the woman who has just broken his heart. As you write this piece, keep in mind the image of the sentences as isolated islands of themselves, distant from the other sentence islands but within sight of each other. 500 words.

(I didn't post the whole text as that wouldn't really be fair use, plus there's got to be a reason for you to buy the book right? Also, emphasis mine in this case, and if you don't like either of the story prompts terribly much, simply use them as an example to go somewhere else.)

If you choose to take on this mission, you can respond in the comments (as they have a much higher character limit than at LJ) or in your own post (if you do it in your DW, please post a link in the comments). This is in no way meant to be a fascist thing, so if you don't like it, feel free not to do it. If you love it, do it twice. Whatever makes you happy. Please tag your new post weekly exercise:response if you decide to make a post to the comm.

Your mod!
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